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Thatch is the buildup of stems and grass clippings that accumulates at the bottom of a lawn. 

When thatch builds up it eventually blocks the flow of nutrients that are important to maintain a healthy lawn. However it is important to understand that thatch is a bi-product of keeping a healthy lawn. It is recommended that you de-thatch your lawn about once a year or when the level of thatch reaches ½”.
Most lawns that need to be thatched have spongy consistency to them when you walk on them. The primary months to dethatch are in the beginning of fall or the months of April and May.
There are a couple ways to control the thatch build up in your turf. They are de-thatching which is sometimes known as power raking and aerating. De-thatching is usually a lengthy process if you try to do it on your own. Not only this, but you must also gather the thatch from your yard once it is brought to the surface.
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